Types & Eligibility

As a membership organization, NOSSCR is committed to providing the highest quality representation and advocacy on behalf of persons who are seeking Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income. We are also a pioneer in continuing legal education for Social Security disability claimants’ representatives.

Membership is open to any individual who is or has been involved in representing Social Security claimants and who has not been suspended or disqualified from representing claimants before the Social Security Administration.  For more details, check our current bylaws.

We offer two levels of membership:

Sustaining Membership

In addition to all the benefits of regular membership, sustaining members receive the following benefits:

  • Deeper discounts on conference registration as other events and services.
  • Sustaining members are listed annually in the NOSSCR Forum.
  • Upon request, sustaining members may have a link from NOSSCR’s webpage to their webpage.
  • Upon request, sustaining members may be identified as a federal court brief writer.
The annual cost of a sustaining membership is $550.


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Regular Membership

Regular members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Our monthly newsletter, the NOSSCR Social Security Forum, which helps practitioners stay current on developments at the Social Security Administration, in the federal courts, in legal practice, in Congress and in federal legislation.
  • Discounted registration rate for NOSSCR’s two national continuing legal education conferences each year.
  • Referral service for attorneys in private practice who maintain malpractice insurance.
  • Access to a research clearinghouse for practitioners, including briefs, case summaries, memoranda of law, questionnaires, etc.
  • Discounts on a variety of products and services.
  • Access to the most up-to-date list of each states’ medical records payment rates.
  • Real-time alerts of relevant news, events, policy changes, legislative proposals, and other developments of interest to practitioners, via timely broadcast emails.
  • Monitoring of media and national and state-level class actions relating to Social Security disability law.
  • Voting rights for Circuit Representatives to the Board of Directors.
  • A government affairs team that engages in legislative and administrative advocacy in support of preserving and strengthening the Social Security disability programs.
The annual cost of a regular membership is $355.


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Ethics Requirement

All members must attend at least one hour of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) on ethics annually. If you haven’t attended such a program, we invite you to order an online ethics webinar here.

Other Membership Programs

New Membership Special

We are now offering brand new NOSSCR members regular membership for $275 per year for their first year – a $80 discount annually! To learn more, click here to return to the membership selections.

Nonprofit Membership

NOSSCR members who are employees of not-for-profit organizations, including legal aid and legal services, qualify for a reduced membership rate of $275/year for a regular membership and $550/year for a sustaining membership.

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Emeritus Membership

This membership is for current and former NOSSCR members who have retired, or are retiring, from practice and are no longer seeking new clients. Our emeritus membership only costs $190 per year! All regular membership benefits and discounts remain available, except an emeritus member may not participate in the referral service. Please contact us if you have any questions about becoming an emeritus member.

Law Student Membership

Full-time law students in an approved JD program who represent Social Security claimants in a clinic or otherwise may join NOSSCR.  This no-charge membership will introduce you to NOSSCR and provide you with all the information and research available to our regular members until your graduation date.  Law students receive all the benefits of a regular NOSSCR member.

There is no charge for a law student membership.


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