Smart, Prepared and in the Way

Smart, Prepared and in the Way: How to Make it Hard for SSA to Deny Your Client’s Disability Claim

How to Make it Hard for SSA to Deny Your Client's Disability Claim

Presented by: Kevin Liebkemann; Richard Weishaupt

This session will focus on ADLs, treatment, behaviors and character issues that are often seized upon to deny claims and reject medical evidence. It will address common beliefs that adjudicators rely upon to cast doubt on credibility of claimants and provider reports, how to anticipate them and counter them at hearings and attack them on appeal.

Note: This course was previously approved for a Live Conference and may be eligible for CLE self-study credit. CLE Self-Study credit may be obtained by applying directly to your state bar association. Please check with your state bar for their rules and regulations.

Recorded on 10/30/2020

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