Be Practical: Dealing with Step 4 in Real Life

Be Practical: Dealing with Step 4 in Real Life

Presented by: Kevin Kerr; Sara Smith

Do you know how much common workplace items weigh? Neither does your client, yet the ALJ will often expect them to know how many pounds they can lift Come join us to learn practical skills to prepare for Step 4 well before the hearing.

We will discuss key things to consider when filling out work history reports and preparing your client to testify. How do you steer the DDS analyst, and later the vocational expert, toward the most advantageous DOT title? What is the most advantageous DOT title? How do you fill out the work history report in a way that will set you up for a finding that the prior work was a composite job? What’s better, more detail or less detail? What’s the best strategy for addressing the title of “supervisor?” By the end of this session you will be able to answer these questions, and more!

Note: This course was previously approved for a Live Conference and may be eligible for CLE self-study credit. CLE Self-Study credit may be obtained by applying directly to your state bar association. Please check with your state bar for their rules and regulations.

Recorded 10/28/2020

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